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MTB vs eBike

  • 1 min read

Sam challenges Mat to an MTB vs eBike challenge

To keep the fire burning this year with all his races around the world cancelled, Radix Athlete Sam Osborne challenged Enduro Rider Mat Woodall to an MTB vs eBike challenge in the Whakarewarewa Forest near Rotorua. The rules were really simple, Mat got to use an eBike, no Boost mode. Sam got to set the course.

Sam decided on five laps of a course that included some major climbing, and trails used as a stage in last year’s Enduro World Series. The climbing and the trails would benefit Mat on the eBike, but this being Sam’s home forest and a five lap course, he theorised that fitness would win out.

POV of a Full Lap

Mat on the left, Sam on the right, it's a full POV lap as they race head to head!