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Grass-Fed Whey Protein

Welcome to the pinnacle of protein purity—Radix Nutrition's grass-fed whey protein powder. Crafted with diligence by our in-house nutrition experts, our whey protein powder is a testament to our dedication to holistic health and superior quality. 

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Sourced from the serene pastures of New Zealand, our grass-fed whey is not merely a nutritional supplement but a commitment to excellence.

What Is Grass-Fed Whey Protein?

Grass-fed whey protein is a form of whey protein that comes from dairy cows that have been fed primarily with grass, as opposed to a diet heavy in grains like corn and soy. This distinction in diet has several implications for the milk produced by these cows and, consequently, the whey protein powder that is derived from it.

Uncompromising Quality from Pasture to Powder

New Zealand's grass-fed cows are the happy providers of the milk from which we derive our premium whey protein. They graze on a natural grass diet, rich in nutrients, which is reflected in the quality of the whey. Unlike grain-fed cows, our dairy herds feast on lush grass, clovers, and wildflowers.  

We take pride in the fact that our whey protein comes from cows that live as nature intended. This is not only better for their well-being but also beneficial for the environment. 

The grass-fed approach encourages biodiversity, results in healthier soil, and uses fewer resources, such as water and fossil fuels, than intensive grain farming.

A Fusion of Flavour and Functionality

Our grass-fed whey protein isn't just about the nutritional edge and high bioavailability; it's also about indulgence in pure, unmatched flavour and creamy smoothness that will redefine your protein shake experience. 

Choose from our delicious array of flavours like:

  • Banana
  • Blueberry
  • Chocolate
  • Coconut
  • Mango
  • Strawberry
  • Vanilla
  • Unflavoured 

Performance-Driven Nutrition

For the athlete in pursuit of peak performance, the fitness enthusiast with specific body composition goals, and the individual dedicated to their health, our New Zealand grass-fed whey protein powder is the ultimate ally. With superior bioavailability and digestibility, it's engineered for optimal muscle recovery, growth, and overall health enhancement.

Nutritional Superiority for Enhanced Performance

Opting for grass-fed whey protein means you're investing in a multitude of health benefits that conventional whey protein falls short of providing. 

Here's how it can elevate your performance:

Cleaner Protein  

With no antibiotics, hormones, or pesticides used in pasture-based farming, our grass-fed whey protein is as pure as it gets. This is especially crucial for athletes who undergo regular drug testing with all our protein products being HASTA tested for banned substances.

Ethical and Eco-Conscious Choice 

At Radix Nutrition, our ethos goes beyond just producing high-quality nutritional supplements; it embodies an unwavering commitment to ethical practices and environmental stewardship. 

Our grass-fed whey protein powder is at the heart of this mission, exemplifying our dedication to creating clean protein with the protection of the environment at the forefront of our priorities.

New Zealand's Edge in Grass-Fed Whey

New Zealand's stringent commitment to environmentally friendly farming practices sets it apart on the global stage. The grass-fed dairy products, including our whey protein, are a direct outcome of these eco-conscious practices. Our protein powder resonates with the growing consumer awareness regarding the environmental impact of their choices, making it a top pick both domestically and internationally.

Discover the Radix Difference

Our grass-fed whey protein powder isn't just about meeting your protein needs; it's about exceeding them in the most natural and healthful way possible. It's about supporting your fitness goals with the purest form of whey, ensuring that each scoop you take is contributing to a healthier you and a greener planet.

We even have plant-based protein powder options too! For more information on our grass-fed whey protein and to discover which flavour best suits your journey towards optimal health, feel free to get in touch with our Radix Nutrition experts. Embark on a transformative health journey that is grounded in the purity of nature and the power of science.