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Free shipping on orders over $99


Our Team

We’re building a world where a natural, nutrient-dense diet with all the nutrients your body needs is seamlessly available to you, anywhere on earth.

Our Leadership Team

Our team is passionate about building and growing our company across all areas of operations. 

Mike Rudling

Co-founder, CEO, CTO -Mike’s background in high-performance sports and a 20-year interest in nutrition and metabolism fuel his passion for health. His focus lies in the science and technology of nutrition, aiming for meaningful and straightforward applications.

Leighton Cosgrave

Operational Manager -Drawing on 15+ years of manufacturing sector experience in Australasia, is the Operational Manager and Continuous Improvement Leader at Radix Nutrition. He drives operational excellence and fosters a culture of continuous improvement, enhancing productivity, quality, and efficiency to maintain the company's industry leadership.

Liam Bourton

Sales Manager -Since late 2021, Liam has primarily built and managed Radix's 300+ retailer network within New Zealand and Australia while also establishing Radix's distribution partnership in the United Kingdom with AMG Group and initial retailers throughout Europe. He is known for effectively growing Radix's retail base and attentively supporting retailers' needs while stemming sales growth.

Staci Wood

Supply Chain Manager -Staci joined Radix in June 2022 and is responsible for the company’s global supply chain functions. Her work is focused on developing supply chain capability and relationships, as well as scheduling and inventory management. Prior to Radix, Staci’s career was in Accounting and Business Analysis.

Janelle Darlington

Finance Manager- Over 10 years of finance and accounts experience with Radix, playing a pivotal role in shaping financial strategy and operations, guiding business decisions, and safeguarding Radix's economic health. Driven by a keen interest and education in nutrition and human performance, Janelle is committed to aligning financial goals with company objectives, supporting Radix's mission to become a market leader in the nutrition space.

Lucas Buzone

Quality & Compliance Manager -Lucas brings 13 years of Quality Assurance experience in food manufacturing, with a background at Herbalife Nutrition and Cargill. Holding a B.Eng. in Food Engineering from the University of São Paulo, he is qualified in Process & Business Management, Lean 6-Sigma, and 5S methodologies. Lucas drives Radix to achieve the highest GMP, Regulatory Compliance, and Food Safety standards.

Annika Rudling

Head of Brand Design - As Head of Design, Annika ensures a striking and cohesive brand visual identity. Since 2023, she has also served as Head of Partnerships for New Zealand and Australia, collaborating with athletes, clubs, and organisations to create engaging social media and marketing content.

Katherine Snodgrass

Senior Food Technologist -Katherine develops innovative, nutritionally balanced, and sensory-appealing products. With a Bachelor of Food Technology (Hons) and 10 years of experience at leading NZ food companies, she has created enduring supermarket products and drives continuous product and process improvements to keep Radix competitive.

James Morell

Digital Marketing Manager -James’ diverse background across sports media and performance marketing brings a unique perspective to Radix. With over 18 years of experience as a marketer, James is Radix’s man on the other side of the world with a mission to drive online growth.

Mark Johnson

Manufacturing Manager - Mark's years of experience in competitive sporting environments have equipped him to lead and innovate effectively, gaining excellent leadership and people management skills. Since joining Radix Nutrition in 2022, Mark has driven significant improvements in manufacturing and warehousing processes.

Kyla Connick

Customer Success Manager, NZ - Kyla brings managerial experience from the healthcare and retail fields, holding a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science in Kinesiology, and a Diploma in Fitness and health promotion. Kyla is actively involved with Radix retailers across New Zealand to assist with maximising product performance in stores.

Sarah Cook

Logistics Manager - Sarah, the Logistics Manager at Radix, skilfully manages order fulfilment and dispatch processes. With a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Psychology from the University of Waikato, she applies her analytical and strategic expertise to maintain efficient logistics operations and punctual deliveries, which are essential to Radix's success.

Raquel Castaner

Customer Success Manager, AU -Based in Sydney, Raquel's role is to assist with the growth of the brand around Australia. Whilst focusing on existing customers and service she continues to work on introducing the Radix range and educating new clients to its benefits. She is experienced in top level sporting events in and around Europe over the past 20 years.

Nick Doulkeridis

Warehouse Manager, AU -Nick manages order fulfilment and dispatch processes for all orders across Australia. Nick oversees the efficient handling, storage, and dispatch of goods, ensuring timely delivery and accurate inventory management. He collaborates closely with suppliers and logistics partners to streamline operations and maintain high standards of customer service.

Robert Spencer

Computational Nutrition Design -Robert brings a unique blend of sports science, health, and advanced analytics to Radix Nutrition. With a background in competitive weightlifting and powerlifting, he applies his passion for human performance to designing nutritionally complete products. Robert utilises cutting-edge methodologies from statistics and computer science, including optimisation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and statistical analysis, to advance Radix's product development.

Technical Team

Using a first-principles approach, we are committed to solving some of humanity's largest problems. We work across
applied scientific research, nutrition, product design, manufacturing and operations.

Our Advisory Team

We are advised by a group of exceptionally experienced leaders with deep experience.

Colonel Matt Stevens DSC, CSC

Defence & Operational Nutrition. Former Colonel, Australian Defence Force CSC, DSC.Matt's distinguished 36-year career in the Australian Defence Force includes 19 years with the SAS, where he held various tactical and senior leadership roles within international special operations. His expertise strengthens our operational resilience and capability.

Dr. Nic Gill, PhD

Head of Health and Performance Nutrition. PhD in Exercise Physiology, Southern Cross University. Nic Gill joins our advisory team as we begin our journey to take Radix products and services to the enterprise health and wellness sector. Nic brings experience to Radix from his 30+ year career in the high-performance sporting arena.