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Podcast 3: Chris Martin | Guiding Ocean Rowing Teams Across the Atlantic

  • 1 min read

In this episode, we talk with ocean rowing expert Chris Martin, the ground contact and weather router for Project Empower. Chris shares his journey from elite rowing into ocean rowing, including what took place during his gruelling first-ever row across the Atlantic. He also provides us with an update on how the Project Empower team are progressing.


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Episode Content

00:00:00 - Intro to Chris

00:00:49 - Chris’s Journey to Ocean Rowing  

00:06:49 - Rowing vs Ocean Rowing Differences

00:09:50 - Training for Ocean Rowing

00:12:09 - Chris’s First Ocean Row: An Atlantic Rowing Race 

00:14:28 - Why do an Ocean Row? 

00:21:48 - Motivation for 189 days of Rowing 

00:30:00 - Project Empower Update | Mind Set Change 

00:32:54 - Advice for Battling 10 Metre Waves 

00:35:56 - The Gulf Stream 

00:40:45 - Damian + Fergus: A Tough Team 

00:42:49 - Changes to Nutritional Strategy 

00:48:35 - Damian’s Strategy on the Oars 

00:50:27 - The Departure of Fergus 

00:53:33 - Concluding Thoughts