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Podcast 6: Pushing the Limits of Racewalking, Gold Medals & Nutrition Intervention Strategies

  • 2 min read

We’re joined by elite racewalker and Olympic athlete Jemima Montag. She has recently returned home from the 202 Commonwealth games, after winning gold in the 10,000-metre event. In addition to her sporting accomplishments, Jemima is also a full-time medical student, and international Olympic committee young leader, who is pioneering a program to help break barriers for young women in sport. We spoke to Jemima about common misconceptions associated with the sport of race walking, her involvement with project supernova at the Australian institute of sport, and her holistic approach to preparing for elite-level competition.



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Episode Content

00: 00:00 – Intro to Jemima

00:00:35 – The Radix Nutrition Podcast

00:00:49 – Intro to Race Walking

00:02:50 –  Running vs Walking

00:05:38 –  Misconceptions about Racewalking

00:06:34 – Regulations: Racewalking vs Running

08:29:19 – Pushing the Limits of Racewalking. Breaking Technique. Getting Red Cards

00:10:24 - Becoming the Perfect Technician

00:11:14 – Incorporating Running into the Routine & Running a Marathon

00:12:34 – 10km Commonwealth Gold. From Road Racing to Track

00:13:49 –  Dealing with Pressure & the Expectations of a Previous Win

00:15:54 – 10km vs 20km Racewalk

00:17:30 – Nutrition at the Common Wealth Games

00:20:07 – Acclimating to New Diets

00:21:20 – Training your Gut to New Nutritional Interventions

00:23:02 – Why use Radix Meals

00:26:01 –  Achieving Ingredient Diversity

00:27:27 – The Interrelations between Medicine, Training & Nutrition

00:28:54 –  Application of Science and Training

00:29:15 – Sports Nutrition with Professor Louis Burke | Project Supernova

00:29:42 -  Nutrition Intervention Strategies, Testing High Carb, Ketogenic, Low Energy Availability Diets

0:32:09 – Dealing with RED-S

00:34:03 – Helpful RED-S Mitigation Tools - Dexa Body Composition Scan

00:34:23 –  Resting Metabolic Rate Test

00:36:06 – Learning to Fuel Adequately

00:37:38 – IOC Young Leaders Committee. Play On- Overcoming Barriers in Sport

00:43:10 – Motivation Behind the Play On Project

00:46:36 – What’s Next?