Our most advanced Protein yet. Providing a complete amino acid profile for world leading bioavailability.


100% New Zealand Whey

Whey Protein DIAAS Complex 1.61 is made from premium New Zealand grass-fed dairy ingredients shown to have an enhanced nutritional profile.

Highest Bioavailability Protein

Providing a complete amino acid profile with exceptionally high quality of DIAAS 1.61. Our protein has 48% higher bioavailability than pure whey protein isolate.

Industry Leading Quality

Made from ultra-filtered whey protein isolate and ultra-filtered whey protein concentrate, our protein complex has been designed to provide the highest amino acid profile across all essential amino acids and BCAAs. With an exceptionally high DIAAS score of 1.61, our protein has industry-leading quality.

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New Zealand Made

Proudly made and designed in New Zealand with the highest quality ingredients.

Natural Ingredients

Focused on the highest quality, natural ingredients in all Radix products. Additionally, our Plant Protein is suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Zero Added Sugar

Zero added sugar in any Radix product. Products are sweetened with natural Monk fruit. Demonstrated to be a beneficial natural prebiotic.

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Proudly Supporting New Zealand Athletes

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